Natalee Holloway Body Found? [Pictures]

The photo possibly depicting Natalee Holloway's skeleton. ( Holloway has been missing for nearly 5 years. The Alabama high school student vanished while in Aruba, and a Philidelphia couple might have snapped the first major clues in the case in a long time.

According to Fox News, an underwater photograph possibly shows human remains, and they could be the 18-year-old's.

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If what's shown in the photo is a body, the remains could provide usable tissue that can undergo toxicology tests for the presence of drugs, and an identification could be made using dental records.

"It could be a body," Dr. Michael Baden, a former chief medical examiner said. "The odds are it isn't, but it absolutely could be a body and there's an obligation to pick it up and investigate."

Natalee Holloway (
A Philadelphia couple took the picture while snorkeling in Aruba in October 2009, and then they noticed the picture resembled a skeleton partially buried in the sand. They recently sent it to the Philadelphia FBI office.

The FBI has provided the photo to police in Barbados, and they are expected to investigate.



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