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Nathan Fillion Arrivals at the American Music Awards — Part 3
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Nathan Fillion HaloFest at the Avalon in Hollywood
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Nathan Fillion CraveOnline Presents: Crave Conquers The Con
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1995 - 1996
Vanessa Marcil and Nathan Fillion had a short-lived engagement. Though the relationship didn't last, the two remained...

Who Should Play Evil Hans on 'Once Upon a Time'?

By Hayley Igarashi on
And yes, at this point, everyone from 'Frozen' but Olaf is heading to Storybrooke.Read Full Story

The ABCs of Caskett, a Romance with Heat and Homicide

By Hayley Igarashi on
(ABC)She wields the Glock and he wields the pen. Together they're a crime-solving duo of truly epic (and sexually charged) proportions. While their professional and personal relationship has had its ups and downs, navigating everything from blackmail to murder, Rick Castle and Kate Beckett always know how to get their man. Basically, if a crime needs solving, we'd want Caskett in our corner — preferably holding hands and swapping flirty one-liners.If you're not already a part of Team Caskett...Read Full Story

'Castle' Recap: The Top 10 Things Castle Should Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

By Lia Beck on
(ABC)At the beginning of tonight's Castle, Beckett and Castle arrive at his apartment arms loaded with Thanksgiving dinner groceries. Ah, the classic Thanksgiving episode — a tradition just as important to the holiday as turkey and stuffing. It's only fitting then that tonight's top-10 be centered around the event as well. Here's the top 10 things Castle was thankful for in "The Good, The Bad, and The Baby."  1. That Beckett Puts Up with His Bad JokesThis episode began with a bloody man...Read Full Story

'Castle' Recap: The Top 10 Creepiest Moments from "Disciple"

By Lia Beck on
(ABC)Tonight's Castle was super creepy for so many reasons. Plastic surgery was creepy. Look-a-likes were creepy. Beckett's crazy eyes were creepy. There was a lot of creepy so let's not waste any time. Here's the top ten creepiest moments from “Disciple.” 1. The Lady Hung With Fishing LineIt should come as no surprise that the opening to the episode was creepy, they always are. This one starts with a night watchman looking around a marina for signs of trouble. There was a sketchy homeless...Read Full Story

'Castle' Recap: The Top 10 Moments We Didn't See Coming in "A Murder Is Forever"

By Lia Beck on
(ABC)Castle is a crime procedural which means that a lot things about it can be easy to predict. The episode will begin with some sort of murder. The first suspect won't be the one whodunit. Someone will be found using surveillance video. But then there's the details of all of these things that aren't foreseeable at all. Like giant man-made diamonds, for example. Here's the top 10 things we didn't see coming in “A Murder Is Forever.”1. That the victim is a primatologist turned marriage...Read Full Story
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