The Year in Disasters

By Tatiana Guertin on
This year, like any year was full of disasters, natural and man-made. Cranes unintentionally fell on buildings, fires engulfed acres of land, tornadoes ripped through cities and all of it was captured in photos.Although many of these events sadly left thousands of people displaced, dead or in serious need of aid, imagery captured from these events is both devastating and amazing. So scroll through our photos and take a look at the disasters of 2008.A crane collapsed and riped through a...Read Full Story

I Knew We Shouldn't Have Taken the Boat Out Today

By JJ Duncan on
Tornadoes forming in the ocean in Santa Margherita, Italy. The tornadoes are really close to the boats on the open ocean. (Photo by Flynet Pictures) Granted, the picture above looks like enough to make any seasoned sailor drop anchor in his briches, but what you're seeing are nearly harmless waterspouts.Waterspouts are small-scale tornadoes that form over open water but do not require a supercell storm such as the ones that produce tornadoes over land. Non-tornadic waterspouts generally boast...Read Full Story