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Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Discusses His New Book 'Understanding Trump' in Washington, D.C.
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Newt Gingrich Picture Newt Gingrich Picture Newt Gingrich Picture
Newt Gingrich Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States
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Newt Gingrich British Embassy Holds Afternoon Tea to Mark Presidential Inauguration in DC
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Newt Gingrich Vs. Survivor: When Bands Get Mad at Republican Politicians

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty) On Monday, Chicago-based music company Rude Music Inc. filed a lawsuit against Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, alleging the politician had unlawfully used the Survivor song "Eye of the Tiger" at political rallies in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Rude Music Inc. is owned by a former Survivor band member, Frank M. Sullivan, who co-wrote the 1982 hit. Sullivan seeks a court-ordered ban on Newt's future use of the song, as well as "damages in an amount to be determined by...Read Full Story

Newt Gingrich - SC Primary Win

By Livingly Staff on
Newt Gingrich won the SC primary election by a wide margin today.  Gingrich secured 40% of the votes, well ahead of Mitt Romney (in second place with 28%) and Rick Santorum (in third with 17%).This is Newt Gingrich's first major win and could mark a turning point in his campaign.  He'll now head to Florida with significant political momentum.The loss is another set back for Mitt Romney.  Earlier this week he suffered a blow when the Iowa GOP announced that Rick Santorum had in fact won the...Read Full Story
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