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Nicholas Tse Arrivals at the Valentino Show
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Nicholas Tse Valentino : Front Row  - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015
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Nicholas Tse Arrivals at the Beijing International Film Festival
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Nicholas Tse Picture Nicholas Tse Picture Nicholas Tse Picture
2006 - Present
Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung were first linked in 2002, but that was just a short fling. They rekindled in 2006...
June 2000 - 2002
Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong started dating in 2000, despite her being 11 years older than him. The relationship...
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Took a half year off to find himself. He re-emerged in March 2003 with a new album and also some upcoming film projects.

Driving license revoked after being caught in an illegal street race in Hong Kong (2003)

Plays the drums and guitar.

Had a relationship with Chinese singer, Faye Wong.

Tse was convicted by the Hong Kong Court for obstruction of justice. Jail term likely. [October 2002]

Languages spoken: Cantonese and English; a little Mandarin and Japanese since he spent some time in Japan taking vocal lessons.

Can speak a little Japanese since he spent some time in Japan taking vocal lessons.

Son of Deborah Dik

Father is Yin Tse. Mother is Deborah Dik. Sister, Ting-Ting (Jennifer).

Learned martial arts for the screen by Jackie Chan stunt team leader Chung Chi Li. Still practices martial arts for screen and television. Recently learned wing chun for a new TV series. [2006].


  • Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (1998)
  • Gen-X Cops (1999)
  • A Man Called Hero (1999)
  • Metade Fumaca (1999)
  • The Mirror (1999)
  • Winner Takes All (2000)
  • Time and Tide (2000)
  • Comic King (2001)
  • Master Q 2001 (2001)
  • My Schoolmate, the Barbarian (2001)
  • 2002 (2001)
  • Tiramisu (2002)
  • Demi-Haunted (2002)
  • The Medallion (2003)
  • Goddess of Mercy (2004)
  • Enter the Phoenix (2004)
  • Moving Targets (2004)
  • New Police Story (2004)
  • The Promise (2005)
  • A Chinese Tall Story (2005)
  • McDull, The Alumni (2006)
  • The Heavenly Kings (2006)
  • Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)
  • Rob-B-Hood (2006)

Tse has produced a number of albums, known for their simple guitar riffs. He has also starred in several other acclaimed films, such as Time and Tide and Metade Fumaca and recently in films The Promise and Dragon Tiger Gate, both claimed to be breakthroughs in Chinese film history. He enjoys great success in Hong Kong, and also rumoured to have a range of girlfriends singers/actress Cecilia Cheung, Faye Wong, and Bondy Chiu. But Nicholas recently proposed to Cecilia Cheung and married secretly without notifying both their friends and parents.
Beginning his career with Mr Yeung (a friend of Patrick Tse), he slowly climbed the ladder of stardom, although tough at first he made his name through a numerous range of Cantonese songs, including:(Have to leave),(Remade Man). These songs are also widely sang in many other singer's concerts including Hacken Lee (Lee Hak Kan) and Eason Chan (Chan Yik Sun) which definitely shows the popularity of his songs at that time, and even in present tense. The one thing special about Nicholas Tse in Hong Kong celebrity life, was his revolutionary act. To begin with he is so far the youngest male singer to have held a full concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum, as well as being the first 'young singer' as in that time period which he first stepped into the spotlight many singers were usually in their 30s or even above, in other words he was like an 'experiment' as without him becoming the first success of young idols managers like Paco Wong will not have released Cookies (a group of nine girls) or Mani Fok in releasing Twins (Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung). He was a singer that believed, singers should be passionate about music and made very provoking comments in television shows, and also has a habit of expressing his emotions on stage by smashing his guitar giving him the name "Bad Boy of Cantopop" and "Pete Townshend of Hong Kong".
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