Listen to Simon Pegg's Personal Goth Playlist for 'The World's End'

(From Merciful | Focus Features | Getty Images)The World's End is filled with references to goth music. Simon Pegg's character, Gary King, loves the Sisters of Mercy so much he has the band's logo tattooed on his chest. For a certain kind of movie fan it is enormously fulfilling to see their love of this often derided musical genre, which peaked somewhere around 1989, embraced so unabashedly.

We had a chance to speak with Pegg, and his World's End cohorts, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, about their new movie [full interview here], and it wasn't long before the conversation turned to music.

Pegg, who describes himself as a "goth-o-phile," was good enough to indulge us when asked to list the bands that would be on his personal goth playlist, and we've turned his selections into the playlist below. Besides Pegg's personal choices for the playlist, we also included Nick Frost's "modern Goth" selection the Horrors, and the Stone Roses who were referenced elsewhere in the conversation. The relevant part of the interview is excerpted below.

ZIMBIO: So the soundtrack, how involved were you guys with that?

Edgar: Very.

Simon: It was our decision.

Edgar: We put it together. It was nobody else involved really. It was just people —

Simon: It was just people telling us we couldn't use stuff because it was too expensive. [Laughs]

Edgar: Yeah, exactly. Like, "The Doors is gonna be expensive." But what we did is we wrote the script with those songs playing. We made a playlist, that was all from like 1988 to 1993. So once we were writing, we had those songs playing on a loop. Then a lot of the songs from that soundtrack made their way into the movie.

Simon: If you read the script, there are points where it says, "Such and such starts playing." Particularly, there's a moment when "Fool's Gold" by the Stone Roses was always in the script for a particular moment from the very beginning. So we were very, perhaps more certain of the music we wanted on this film, than in either of the previous two.

Can I get your goth playlist? If there were five bands that were on your goth playlist, who would they be?

Edgar: Simon, go!

As a recovering goth I am very interested in the answer.

Nick Frost: As a recovering goth, is it? [Laughs]

Simon: I would probably go with Sisters of Mercy top. Bauhaus, the Cure, maybe the March Violets, Balaam and the Angel, the Mission [UK]. I would hesitate to mention the Mission or the Fields of the Nephilim because I felt they were kind of —

Nick: What about modern goth?

Simon: I don't know about that.

Nick: Like the Horrors

Edgar: Moth!

I'm sort of out of touch with a lot of the newer stuff.

Simon: All About Eve, that started to get a bit glossy goth. That was mainly British goth. Sisters of Mercy broke up in '85 and became the Mission and the Sisterhood, so the Sisterhood is a pretty good one.

You could go on about this for a while.

Simon: I could go on. I will. I'll waste your time.

[Laughs] I'm going to cut you off just because I don't have much time, but this is great.

Edgar: If you need anymore information, just go on Gothpedia!

Simon: I'm a goth-o-phile.

Are you editors on there? Contributors?

Edgar: That's right.

Simon: I love Gothpedia. You might say I'm a Gothpedophile.

[Groans and laughs from everyone.]

Simon: What'd I say? I said Gothpediaphile.

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