Karmin Talks Beauty Rituals, Wedding Planning, and the New Single, 'Acapella'

By Alicia Dennis on
(Courtesy Photo)Karmin's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan are having a whirlwind summer. Just last week the duo kicked off a summer tour with the Jonas Brothers and announced plans to release their debut album, Pulses, this fall. They also partnered with Tone Body Wash for the brand's Turn It Up! series, which gives fans behind-the-scenes access to their new music. And when they have a spare minute, they're trying to figure out when they can actually get hitched. More on that in the interview...Read Full Story

Lil Wayne Cory Gunz Cover by Karminmusic: Video

By JJ Duncan on
If you've already heard the hit single "6 Foot 7 Foot," you haven't heard it like this before. A new Lil Wayne / Cory Gunz cover by Karminmusic was posted last week, giving the duo another hit hip-hop cover that's gone viral on YouTube. For those not familiar, Karminmusic (AKA Karmin) is a duo made up of musicians Amy Heidemann and her fiance Nick Noonan. The two have enjoyed some popularity recently for their distinct way of covering pop music hits, most notably for their cover of Chris...Read Full Story

Karmin Covers Lil Wayne (Video)

By Adam Wenger on
Pop-duo Karmin have put out another catchy cover that's taking over the interweb, and this time it's a cover of a Lil Wayne track, "6 foot, 7 foot." The YouTube video already has over 2.6 million views, which is about 10 million less than the actual Lil Wayne video, but we're still impressed. Karmin hail from Massachussets, and features Amy Heidemann on vocals and Nick Noonan on keyboard. In their "Look at Me Now" cover, Karmin really let their musical abilities shine -- the breath control...Read Full Story