Nintendo 3DS Announces Price Drop

By Lauren Gerber on
The Nintendo 3DS marked a technology breakthrough: it's the first handheld 3-D game system that doesn't require any extra accessories. Today, it's taken another breakthrough step after it announced a significant price drop. The 3DS system will now sell for $199.99, after it hit the market in March for $169.99. The announcement of the price cut was made just after Nintendo posted a loss of $324 million for its first quarter. Amidst fierce competition from Sony, Apple, and others, the 3DS has...Read Full Story

Nintendo Releasing 3-D Handheld System, No Glasses Required

By Olivia on
Nintendo's new DS handheld device will hit stores next week, but the company's already thinking toward the future. Next up? A new DS that allows you to play in 3-D without wearing any special glasses. According to, the Nintendo 3DS, as it's called, will be compatible with all of the company's current games. You'll only have to wait a couple of more months to find out all about the innovative device: Nintendo is planning to show it off at June's E3 video game trade show, and it...Read Full Story