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Norm Coleman GOP Candidate Mitt Romney Campaigns In Minnesota Day After FL Primary
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Norm Coleman Rice And Gates Hold Briefing For U.S. Senators
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Norm Coleman Senator Coleman Holds News Conference To Discuss Election Results
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Everyone Wishes Norm Coleman Would Just Quit... Especially Al Franken

By JJ Duncan on
Norm Coleman, left; and Al Franken. (Getty Images) Norm Coleman's senatorial campaign was dealt a hard blow Monday night. A three-judge panel ruled that he lost his senate election to Democratic challenger Al Franken by a margin of 312 votes. The election's results have been in contention since November with a prolonged court battle over which ballots should and shouldn't be allowed. But with the ruling, Norm is seeing his shot at retaining his senate seat diminish greatly with both...Read Full Story

Norm Coleman One Step Closer to Losing Senate Seat

By JJ Duncan on
Court proceedings between Norm Coleman (left) and Al Franken (right) have left Minnesota with only one senator for the last two months. (Getty Images)A court ruling brought the never-ending Minnesota saga of Norm vs. Al one step closer to an ending Tuesday afternoon. A three-judge panel ruled that only 400 of nearly 1,000 absentee ballots would be counted in an election that currently has Democrat Al Franken leading by 225 votes.That means Norm Coleman would have to receive an overwhelming...Read Full Story