Bail set to $5 Million for Norman Hsu

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Ouch.A Colorado judge has set bail at $5 million in cash for Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu on a charge of grand theft.That's a lot of money, even for a political fundraiser.Read Full Story

More on the Norman Hsu case

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Via the San Francisco Chronicle: Fugitive political fundraiser Norman Hsu, who skipped out on San Mateo County authorities this week rather than face sentencing for a 1992 fraud conviction, was apprehended Thursday night by federal and local lawmen in Grand Junction, Colo. Authorities said Hsu was taken into custody at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction at 7 p.m. local time. He had been on the lam for almost two days after failing to appear in a Redwood City courtroom Wednesday to...Read Full Story

Norman Hsu dragging Hillary Clinton down

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Hillary can't seem to get a break.  First she let's supporters vote for the selection of her official campaign song, and they shaft her with Celine Dion.  Now one of her biggest financial supporters turns out to be a criminal:The Los Angeles Times will report on this website later tonight and in Wednesday’s print editions that a major Democratic Party fundraiser named Norman Hsu is wanted by authorities for skipping out on an agreement to serve up to three years in prison after pleading no...Read Full Story