Novak Djokovic Girlfriend: Jelena Ristic Pictures

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Getty Images Jelena Ristic is cheering in the stands today at the US Open as her boyfriend Novak Djokovic battles Andy Murray in the finals. It's nothing this gorgeous gal hasn't been through before, since they've been dating since 2005, but it must be a little nerve-wrecking!  The two have walked the red carpet many times over the last few years, but Ristic can mostly be seen at her man's exciting matches. He's won plenty over the last seasons, and Ristic is always there rooting for him in...Read Full Story

Novak Djokovic's Girlfriend Jelena Ristic Watches Him Win 1st US Open Title

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Tennis star Novak Djokovic won his first US Open title Monday against ongoing rival Rafael Nadal in a down-to-the-wire 4-hour, 10-minute match. His longterm girlfriend Jelena Ristic was looking on cheerfully (and at times nervously) as Djokovic, who suffered a lower back injury during the 4-set match, made an enthralling comeback. Don't Miss: Jelena Ristic Pictures Novak Djokovic Jelena RisticNovak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic Photos After winning against a gassed-out Nadal, Djokovic slid...Read Full Story

Novak Djokovic Girlfriend Jelena Ristic Celebrates His Wimbledon Win (Pictures)

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Tennis star Novak Djokovic won the Wimbledon title for the DON'T MISS: Jelena RisticNovak Djokovic Jelena Ristic Novak Djokovic in Paris first time today, and girlfriend Jelena Ristic was nearly in tears as she watched her man's big victory! Jelena was beside herself as Novak fell to the ground after defeating Rafael Nadal today for the epic win.  "It's really hard to describe this - it's the most special day of my life - the first tournament I dreamed of winning," he told the crowd...Read Full Story

Marija Sharapova is not a Novak Djokovic Girlfriend, at least not confirmed

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Novak Djokovic says that they are "just friends" "I just want to put any dilemma aside, Marija and I are only friends. We were hanging out in New York and she came to support me on the final, which was really nice of her" - explained tennis star Djokovic, who has been dating Jelena from Belgrade for over 2 years.Read Full Story