Weekend Box Office: 'Monsters University' and 'World War Z' Both Win

By JJ Duncan on
(Photos from Pixar | Paramount)Appealing to two very different demographics, World War Z and Monsters University both came out looking like winners in this weekend's box office. Pixar enjoyed its second-biggest opening ever with its Monsters sequel bringing in $82 million (Toy Story 3 remains tops with its $110 million opening). Meanwhile World War Z far outpaced analysts expectations (the optimists were saying $60 million on Friday) to breath life into a movie many thought was dead when its...Read Full Story

Jesse Eisenberg Gets Super Cranky During an Incredibly Uncomfortable Interview

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Getty Images)There are two sides to every press junket: the celebrity interviewee, who hears the same questions over and over again and is only answering them out of a thinly veiled sense of obligation, and the interviewer, usually wide-eyed and excited at his/her chance to be clever and chum it up with a movie star. If one party isn't understanding of the other, enough to just be a good sport, things end awkwardly. One poor woman from Univision learned this the hard way when she sat...Read Full Story

Morgan Freeman Justs Wants to Sleep During His Interviews

By Dino-Ray Ramos on
Morgan Freeman is known for his regal voice and riveting films. After today, he will be known for something else: falling asleep during a live on-air interview. During an interview with KCPQ in Seattle, he and actor Michael Caine were talking about their upcoming movie, Now You See Me. As Caine talks enthusiastically about the magic in the movie, we notice that Freeman's eyes start to get heavy — and then he just nods off for a bit. We aren't mad at him for that. Everyone needs a little shut...Read Full Story