Muammer Guler on Ogun Samast

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"Samast confessed that he had killed Dink", the Vali of Istanbul Muammer Guler said. Samast was arrested in the town of Samsun and police found the pistol used to kill Dink with Samast.Read Full Story

We are all Hrant Dink. We are all Armenian

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The murder of Hrant Dink has struck a cord, and thousands of people came out to mourn his death. "We are all Hrant Dink. We are all Armenian" Police have taken several suspects into custody, and Ogun Samast has admitted to being the gunman. Linked from --- Crowds of mourners estimated at a hundred thousand people gathered in the streets to mourn Dink before the funeral began. The journalist's wife, daughters...Read Full Story

Police take Erhan T into custody

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Erhan has been taken into custody, suspected of involvement in the murder. Linked from --- The police took in custody Erhan T., a student from Trabzon, as one more suspect of Hrant Dink's killing. He was detained after the evidence given by Yasin Hayal who admitted organization of the murder. However later he confessed he received orders from Erhan T. Hayal handed the weapon to Ogun Samast who shot the journalist. 17-year-old Samast may be...Read Full Story

Ogun Samast sorry for killing

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"I am very sorry that I killed Hrant Dink." -- Ogun Samast Original Source: --- 17 year old Trabzon resident Ogun Samast, who has admitted to shooting and killing journalist Hrant Dink in the Istanbul district of Sisli, ended his 8 pages of testimony to prosecutors yesterday with the words "I am very sorry that I killed Hrant Dink." Samast, who was first observed by psychologists, went before the prosecutors to give his version of the...Read Full Story

Ogun Samast and Yasin Hayal

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Ogun Samast says that he was alone during the actual shooting of Hrant Dink. Samast said "I was chosen because I was good at running, and a good shot during shooting range practices. Yasin Hayal gave me the gun, and wished me good luck." This guy isn't even sorry about what he did!Read Full Story