Ohio School Shooting Latest News

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A third student has died after suffering gunshot wounds at a high school in Chardon, Ohio, reports CNN. Demetrius Hewlin passed away Tuesday morning, while Russell King Jr. was declared brain dead earlier today, and Daniel Parmertor died Monday. The alleged shooter, T.J. Lane, turned himself in not long after the shooting at Chardon High School Monday and will appear in juvenile court today at 3:30. It's expected the case will be moved out of juvenile court so Lane can be tried as an adult.No...Read Full Story

Why didn't this ohio school shooting witness alert authorities?

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I don't really understand why this witness didn't alert teachers or authorities much sooner???? Linked from http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2007/10/witness_said_school_shooter_lo.html --- SuccessTech Academy sophomore Rasheem Smith, 15, was in a fourth floor bathroom Wednesday when he saw Asa Coon change clothes moments before he went on a shooting rampage. Coon removed his slacks and a red and gray hooded sweatshirt and put on black jeans and Marilyn Manson concert T-shirt, Smith said...Read Full Story

Ohio School Shooting

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Yet another sad story about a school shooting in the United States... this time in Cleveland. A 14 year old student named Asa Coons shot several classmates, a teacher, and then himself. He had been suspended from school, and had a history of mental health problems.Read Full Story