Chinese State Athletics or Secret Ninja Training?

By JJ Duncan on
Young Chinese gymnasts train at Xiannongtan Sports School on August 21, 2008 in Beijing, China. The school, established in 1956 under the state sports system, has been one of the cradles for China's champion athletes. It has more than 300 athletes and 60 instructors. China's state sports system is a major reason behind the country's current Olympic Games success as it continues to produce top quality athletes. Every Chinese gold medalist at the Beijing Olympics is a product of the system...Read Full Story

China Women's Gymnasts Take Gold

By Tatiana Guertin on
Questions over the age of China's female gymnasts still loom as the women won the gold medal, on day five of Olympic competition. The Chinese team won its first ever gold medal, while the U.S. took silver.The scores remained close until the final rotation, but the U.S. walked away looking sad and defeated. In the end, it was a solid Chinese team that took first, while the American women made a number of mistakes including two falls by team leader Alicia Sacramone.Still, there is speculation...Read Full Story

Olympics 2008: Trampoline

By Alicia Dennis on
The trampoline is an American invention.  In 1934, Iowa native George Nissen and his tumbling coach assembled the prototype for the trampoline out iron, a canvas bed, and rubber springs.  After trampoline became a competitive sport, Americans dominated: they won 14 world titles from the first Trampoline World Championships in 1964 until the last American World Champion took a medal in 1974.  Footage of 1968 World Champion Judy Wills ClineTrampoline's popularity waned in the US over the next...Read Full Story

Gymnast Paul Hamm Won't Go to Beijing

By Tatiana Guertin on
Olympic gold medalist Paul Hamm announced today that due to injuries, he would not be going to Beijing. Hamm has chosen to withdraw due to a broken right hand, and an injured rotator cuff."After returning home from the preparation camp, I had a few physical setbacks, and it became clear to be that my physical preparations would not be sufficient to properly represent the United States and contribute to the team's efforts to win a medal," Hamm said in a statement Monday.A U.S. gymnastics team...Read Full Story

Olympic Gymnastics Hopeful Breaks Her Leg

By Tatiana Guertin on
Olympic hopeful Shayla Worley broke her leg Friday, ending any chances of her competing in the Beijing Olympic games.Worley was warming up for the Olympic selection camp when she broke her right fibula right below the knee. Her leg had been bothering her earlier in the day, but she chose to participate. When she landed on the balance beam, she said she heard a "pop," she was immediately taken to the training room. "It's unlikely she'd be able to compete," said Dr. Scott Rand, a team physician...Read Full Story

Shawn Johnson & Nastia Liukin Make U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team

By Tatiana Guertin on
With the 2008 Beijing Olympic games just over a month away, the U.S. is desperately trying to lock down their gymnastics team roster. Just last week Shawn Johnson of Iowa and Nastia Liukin of Texas solidified their spots on the Women's Gymnastics Team at the team trials in Pennsylvania. Ten other women were slected to attend a final selection camp in July, where the remainder of the team will be chosen.Johnson, only 16-years-old finished with a two-day total of 127.650 and Liukin finished...Read Full Story