Olympic Hockey Standings 2010

By Deena Bustillo on
Olympic hockey is sure to be a fan favorite, and the competition is already off to a great start, with Canada barely pulling off a win in an exciting game against Switzerland Thursday. The team will face the US team Sunday. So far, the US has played Switzerland and Norway, and has won both games. Canada has won both their games as well, while Norway has lost twice. The big game to watch will be the US against Canada, and that will help determine which teams look like the frontrunners for...Read Full Story

Olympic Ice Hockey Preview: USA vs. Switzerland

By Jake on
Will the United States ice hockey program be able redeem itself on the international stage? After fielding a team that finished eighth in the 2006 Torino Games, Team USA comes into Vancouver with a markedly improved team that still may not be good enough. Still, expect a quick and perhaps brutal dissection of the oppossing Swiss team. Unlike the Swiss, every team member on Team USA plays in the NHL -- only Canada shares this distinction. On the U.S. side, watch for the trio of young, talented...Read Full Story