It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's The Olympic Games

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Photo: Getty ImagesHave you checked out the Olympic Trampoline yet! These athletes are bouncing HIGH. Click on any of the following pictures to enlarge: We also have an interview posted with US trampoline star Erin Blanchard. Click here to check out the Q&ARead Full Story

Exclusive Interview with Teen Olympic Trampolinist Erin Blanchard

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Teen Olympian Erin Blanchard is already in Beijing, but she took time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions via email.  Many thanks to Erin, and be sure to root for her during the Women's Individual Trampoline Preliminary on August 15th at 11 AM ET. Five things to know about US Olympian Erin Blanchard:1. She hails from Broussard, Louisiana, a town of approximately 7,433 people.2.  The 18 year-old loves swimming and tennis in addition to gymnastics.3. She is the only...Read Full Story

Olympics 2008: Trampoline

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The trampoline is an American invention.  In 1934, Iowa native George Nissen and his tumbling coach assembled the prototype for the trampoline out iron, a canvas bed, and rubber springs.  After trampoline became a competitive sport, Americans dominated: they won 14 world titles from the first Trampoline World Championships in 1964 until the last American World Champion took a medal in 1974.  Footage of 1968 World Champion Judy Wills ClineTrampoline's popularity waned in the US over the next...Read Full Story