Are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Really Breaking Up Because of Her Hairstylist?

Here's the [alleged] story.

Are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Really Breaking Up Because of Her Hairstylist?

We were sad to report that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, rock family royalty and spouses of 33 years, would be breaking up. The divorce remains alleged, as the two have yet to offer public comment or deny rumors. Still, various sources have come out of the woodwork, filling in this story's considerable blanks.


On Monday, ET shared that the reason for the split is Ozzy's ongoing affair with celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh. Sharon was notably absent on Monday's episode of The Talk, co-host Julie Chen addressing that absence, as well as the infidelity rumors:

"Before we get started, as you can see, Sharon is not here today," she said. "There were many tabloid headlines this past weekend about her and Ozzy, rumors and speculation that they have split up after nearly 34 years of marriage. Sharon understandably took today off. We are sending all of our love to her and to her family and we ask that you do the same."


According to the publication's unnamed source, Ozzy has been carrying out an affair with Beverly Hills stylist Pugh, whose clients include Sharon and daughters Kelly and Aimee at the Meche Salon:

"Michelle never brought up Ozzy to me, but it was known in the salon they were a little too close," the source claimed. "Michelle is super into rock/metal music, so they bonded over that. Still, it's weird. He's nearly 70 and a client. She knows better that [sic] to do this."

Don't they all, mystery source. Don't they all.

Apparently, Pugh has a rolodex of high-profile clients including Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Paulson. If this is all true, though, she might want to consider a new occupation. Secret affairs are not generally conducive to the work place.

Gary Farrow, who reps the family, has also confirmed that Ozzy is not currently staying at the couple's home.

Wishing all the best to the Osbournes and their family.

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