Painting a wood floor is an affordable way to give life to an old wood floor, and it's fairly easy. Plus, painted wood floors complement any style of décor.

First, sand the areas you are going to paint. Rent a floor sander if you're doing the entire floor (it's not expensive), and use sandpaper or a handsander if it's just a small area.

Next, remove all of the dust. For the entire floor, you should mop at least twice, or just use a cloth for a small space. The surface must be clean before you paint to ensure a smooth finished product.

Go ahead and roll on your paint. Use exterior paint because it's durable and will stand up to mopping. You may want to use a coat of primer before you paint your wood floors.

Apply at least three clear coats to seal in your hard work. Use oil base polyurethane for extreme durability (and water based clear coats smell better). Always wait for each coat to dry before you walk on it or add additional coats.

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