Patricia Dunn is finally done

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Charges against Patricia Dunn are being dismissed in pretexting case.  Her legal battle is finally coming to a close. The judge dismissed the criminal case against former Hewlett-Packard chairman Patricia Dunn this Wednesday.Read Full Story

Patty Dunn isn't the only one on the

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Linked from --- Kevin Hunsaker, the former senior HP lawyer and ethics counsel who headed the investigation, pleaded not guilty at a hearing Nov. 7. The remaining three pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing.   They are Ronald DeLia, head of Security Outsourcing Services and an outside contractor for HP; Matthew DePante, manager of Action Research Group, an information broker based in Florida; and Bryan Wagner, a former...Read Full Story

Scobleizer and Patty Dunn

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Robert Scoble isn't a fan of Patty Dunn. Read any of his blog posts about the HP scandals and that will be clear.    But he recently apologized for being "overly hurtful" when he used the word "cancer" to describe Dunn's impact on HP. Very professional of him - his apology was well written and genuine - it's very cool of him to write this.    Linked from ---   In my being overly hurtful and personal with my words I demonstrated I...Read Full Story

Patty Cakes Dunn

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The folks at have proposed a new nickname for Patricia Dunn. There's something very funny about it...    Linked from --- [Oh, wait, another note: We're thinking of calling Pattie "Cakes" from now on. As part of our new "arbitrary nicknaming policy." But let us know if you've got a better idea.]Read Full Story

Patricia Dunn Wednesday pleaded not guilty

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She's swinging for the fences... Linked from,2933,229658,00.html --- Former Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) Chairman Patricia Dunn Wednesday pleaded not guilty to felony charges for spying on reporters and directors in a scandal that sullied the reputation of one of Silicon Valley's most venerable and respected companies.Read Full Story

Patrcia Dunn's Testimony

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Her testimony is available in PDF format.Read Full Story

Patricia Dunn and Pretexting

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So what is "pretexting"? CBS News had a good explanation: The HP charges stem from the use of something called pretexting, where phone records are retrieved by subterfuge and pretense - where someone calls the phone company and pretends to be someone else in order to obtain the records. Original Source: Full Story

Patricia Dunn faces felony charges in California

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State Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed formal legal complaints against Patricia Dunn,  Kevin Hunsaker (former director of ethics for HP), Ronald DeLia (owner of the PI firm), Joseph DePante (owner of an information broker hired by DeLia), and Bryan Wagner (who worked for DePante).  Each individual faces felony charges of using false or fraudulent pretenses to obtain confidential information from a public utility, unauthorized access to computer data, and identity theft. For more on the...Read Full Story