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'Suits' Power Couple Is Reportedly Leaving After Season 7

By Areeba Abid on
Can the show go on without Mike and Rachel?Read Full Story

'Suits' Recap: The Summer Season Comes to an End

By Pilot Viruet on
USASummer is over, folks. Well, at least it is for Suits which aired its summer finale tonight. Last week’s episode “Bad Faith” had a few cliffhangers. The two biggest? First, the firm is currently in the middle of a battle with Darby. Second, and on a more personal level, Rachel revealed to Mike that she got into Stanford and she’s considering going. Tonight’s finale, “Stay,” jumps right back into the action.Scottie, Harvey’s rival-slash-love interest, is pitted against Harvey because she’s...Read Full Story

'Suits' Recap: An Episode Built on Bad Faith

By Pilot Viruet on
USAThe term "bad faith" refers to fraud and deception so it makes perfect sense that it's the title of tonight's episode. "Bad Faith" is the penultimate episode of the Suits summer finale, which means there are definitely some twists and turns running throughout the episode. It has to simultaneously tie up some loose ends while throwing more drama into the mix and the show is doing a good job. Last week, after what seemed like a lifetime, the Hessington case finally went to trial. The results...Read Full Story

'Suits' Recap: It's the Endgame, but for Whom?

By Pilot Viruet on
USAThe anticipation for tonight’s episode of Suits was higher than usual after last week’s explosive surprise ending. When we last left off, Mike and Harvey had discovered that Stephen — the man Donna was sleeping with — was the guy who ordered the murders, not Ava Hessington. Harvey beat the living crap out of Stephen, and tonight’s episode, “Endgame” picks up right after, as Donna is nursing his bruised fists. It turns out that Darby didn’t know about the murders and was just as surprised...Read Full Story

'Suits' Recap: You Can't Miss The Last 5 Minutes

By Pilot Viruet on
USAThings are really heating up at Pearson Darby Spector (the law firm formerly known as Pearson Darby). After last week’s cliffhanger when Harvey straight up admitted to Jessica that he was trying to screw her over and take over the firm, it was expected that tonight’s episode would get a little explosive but, man, it went above and beyond. But before we get to big shockers of the night, let’s focus on the smaller B-story, a surprisingly affecting storyline that paired up Louis and Rachel...Read Full Story
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