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Paul Krugman 4th Annual New York Times Sunday With The Magazine - Part 2
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Paul Krugman -- Geithner's plan 'fills me with despair'

By Jake on
Add Paul Krugman to the growing list of the those who don't believe in Timothy Geithner's plan to use the private market to buy up $1 trillion in toxic assets.Writing in the New York Times today, Krugman viciously slams the plan on the economics and issues, but also admits that the plan fills him "with a sense of despair."From his NYT op-ed: But the Geithner scheme would offer a one-way bet: if asset values go up, the investors profit, but if they go down, the investors can walk away from...Read Full Story

Paul Krugman Presented with Nobel Prize in Economics

By JJ Duncan on
What He Won For: The Nobel Committee cites Paul Krugman's "analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity." But there's been a bit of grumbling that his award may also have something to do with his strident anti-Bush rhetoric over the past eight years, both in public and in his column in the New York Times.His original research sought to explain why trade imbalances between rich countries and poor countries wasn't as high as predicted by most economic models. He was also...Read Full Story