Phil Spector Shows Up for Retrial, Is Apparently an Obama Supporter

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Embattled music producer Phil Spector appeared in court again today as his retrial for the murder of Lana Clarkson continued with an interesting accoutrement: an Obama pin. If you can't quite see it in the photo above, here's a close up view of Spector's pin:The pin, bearing the picture of the Obamas with the words "America's New First Family," is not the first pro-Obama pin Spector has worn in court. In July, during a court hearing to determine the date of his retrial, the creator of the...Read Full Story

Mistrial for Phil Spector, the show must go on

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Seems that the media frenzy surrounding the Phil Spector trial will continue into 2008.  The judge declared a mistrial for this jury.  The jury became deadlocked...most of them voting guilty but a couple of them still on the fence."Even on the jury there's deep regret that we were unable to reach a unanimous verdict," said the foreman to reporters after the mistrial was declared. "We would have liked to have a psychological profile of Lana Clarkson," another juror said. "The people who voted...Read Full Story

Vincent Tannazzo and Phil Spector

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Tannazzo is a retired cop and former security guard.  he testified against Phil Spector.Tannazzo described a time when he was working for Joan Rivers in the mid-1990s. Spector made obscene comments about women at one of Joan River's parties. "They all deserve a bullet in their head," Tannazzo said Phil Spector said of women. "I ought to put a bullet in her head right now," Tannazzo testified that he heard Spector say. Tannazzo also told the jury that he frisked Phil Spector after an...Read Full Story
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