Scotty McCreery Is the Greatest White Guy with a Guitar on 'American Idol,' According to Our Readers

From left: Season 7 winner David Cook; Season 8 winner Kris Allen; Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze; Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery; and Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips. (Photos by Getty Images)Last week we asked our readers to choose the greatest White Guy with a Guitar (WGWG) who's won American Idol, and after more than a thousand votes, Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery came out on top.

Thanks to Scotty's active online fans, he won 58 percent of the vote, crushing David Cook, Kris Allen, and Lee DeWyze (poor Lee came away with only 2 percent). Phillip Phillips fans got out the vote on Twitter shortly after we posted the poll, and things looked even early on, but in the end Phillips came in second with about 24 percent of the vote.

Here are the final rankings
1. Scotty McCreery
2. Phillip Phillips
3. David Cook
4. Kris Allen
5. Lee DeWyze

How do you think Scotty feels about this development? Probably something like this.

Obviously, as our readers pointed out last week, the WGWG thing is overly generalizing of the diversity within white guys who happen to have guitars. As Phillip Phillips once put it, "It’s true ... I am a white guy and I do play guitar." Okay so that's a bit facetious, but he can also be more thoughtful on the subject.

"If they paid attention to each person's artistry, then they would know the difference between a lot of us," Phillips told the Los Angeles Times last summer. "Kris [Allen] is different from David [Cook], David is different from Scotty [McCreery] and I'm different from all of them. I feel like I play the guitar and approach music a lot different than they do."

And in case you mistakenly think this whole WGWG skew is just an Idol thing, you're wrong. Here's a graph from that shows the breakdown for Rolling Stone's top 100 artists. Nearly half of them are WGWGs.

So congratulations Scotty. You're our top WGWG for now. In celebration of your picking skills and that bottomless baritone of yours, let's all listen to "Water Tower Town."

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