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Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders
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Pittsburgh Penguins Photos

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And for more pictures of the Pittsburgh Penguins first round matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning: Elsewhere on Zimbio.com 49 Most Influential Men of 2010 by Ask Men Sidney Crosby At just 23 – still not old enough to grow a proper playoff beard – Sidney Crosby has already achieved more than most... more » View Special » The 10 Greatest Moments from the 2010 Winter Olympics Canada Beats USA in Hockey It's difficult to overstate how much of Canada's national pride was wrapped up in the...Read Full Story

10 Best Playoff Hits of 2008

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After allowing Dallas to push the Western Conference Series to Game 6, the Red Wings put the Stars in their place once and for all, securing the series and conference win with a 4-1 lead.Detroit will face off against the Penguins who knocked Philadelphia out in five games to win the Eastern Conference and secure their place in the battle for the Stanley Cup. The last leg of the race for the Stanley Cup will being this Saturday with the Red Wings facing the Penguins in Detroit at 8 p.m...Read Full Story

Conference Finals Are Here

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It's a long road to the Stanley Cup, but four remaining teams are almost there. It's conference finals time, and whoever makes it out of this round, will move on to battle for that ridiculously oversized cup.The No. 1 Detroit Red Wings and No. 5 Dallas Stars will duke it out for the West Thursday night in Detroit.The Red Wings had a few kinks to iron out in the series-opening round against the Nashville Predators . But after taking veteran goalie Dominik Hasek out from between the pipes, and...Read Full Story