Cement Butt Injections Scandal

By Darrick Thomas on
A woman posing as a plastic surgeon in Florida has been arrested after police discovered she had been injecting would-be patients with cement and advertising the procedure as "butt enhancement surgery." The fake plastic surgeon Oneal Ron Morris injected cement, mineral oil, and a tire sealant into a woman's rear. When the woman complained of severe pain, Morris assured her not to worry, that "it works itself out."The woman who received the injections put off going to the hospital because she...Read Full Story

Orit Fox Pictures

By Livingly Staff on
The Israeli model and actress Orit Fox is best known for her seeming addiction to plastic surgery.  The model has dramatically changed her physical appearance.She isn't alone.  Many celebrities have opted for cosmetic surgery to alter their looks.  For example, though unconfirmed, most fans agree that Victoria Beckham enlarged her breasts and Winona Ryder altered her looks with rhinoplasty.GalleryWorld recently posted the following images of Orit Fox from the blog mygalleryworld.Also on...Read Full Story

Plastic Surgery: So Five Minutes Ago?

By Chloe Harris Frankeny on
When was the last time you saw a "before" picture of Heidi Montag, the Hills reality star who is, sadly, best known for her glut of plastic surgery? Yesterday morning, the New York Times Style Section served a hunk of bittersweet nostalgia when Montag's pre- and post-opp pix served to illustrate a seriously cruel truth: The plastic fembot created by Hollywood may soon be out of work.“I think everyone either looks like a drag queen or a stripper,” Marcia Shulman, a Fox casting director, told...Read Full Story

Alarming Plastic Surgery: 'Nipple Correction' on the Rise

By Alicia Dennis on
This week, the beauty reporters at Allure unearthed a slightly disturbing press release that claims so-called "nipple enhancements" are on the rise. The surgery isn't anything new: women who have suffer breast cancer often have the reconstructive procedure done following mastectomies. But it's just now catching steam as a purely cosmetic operation.The doctors quoted in the press release are careful to note that the "perfect" nipple means something different for every woman, which is why one...Read Full Story

Year in Photos of Bad Plastic Surgery

By Olivia on
Actress Lisa Rinna arrives at the grand opening of the D&G Flagship Boutique on Robertson Boulevard on December 15, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Lisa Rinna (Getty Images)more pics >> Lisa Rinna knows she went too far with plastic surgery - she openly admitted it. It was a combination of a filler called Juvéderm and a fear of aging that resulted in her unnatural-looking facial features, and she's not the only one to fall...Read Full Story