Most popular Italian baby names

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I found this list of the top 20 Italian baby names, for both boys and girls.  I'm not sure when this list was created.  It seems a bit out of date to me since isabella isn't ranking in the top 20 for girls. is the list: Feminine Masculine 1 Maria Giuseppe 2 Anna Giovanni 3 Giuseppina Antonio 4 Rosa Mario 5 Angela Luigi 6 Giovanna Francesco 7 Teresa Angelo 8 Lucia Vincenzo 9 Carmela Pietro 10 Caterina Salvatore 11 Francesca...Read Full Story

Most Popular Baby Names of 2006

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In 2006, the most popular boy's name was "Jacob" and the most popular girl's name was "Emily".Here is the full list of the top 1000 names for boys and for girls in the United States.Baby Name Popularity in 2006According to U.S. Social Security Registrations Rank Male name Percent oftotal males Female name Percent oftotal females 1Jacob 1.1327% Emily 1.0267% 2Michael 1.0308% Emma 0.9159% 3Joshua 1.0148% Madison 0.8944% 4Ethan 0.9396% Isabella 0.8729% 5Matthew 0.9274% Ava 0.8139% 6Daniel...Read Full Story