Still No Home for Princess Chunk

The 44-pound cat found wandering around a Voorhees, New Jersey apartment complex on Friday, remains homeless.

Nicknamed Captain Chunk, by the employees at the Camden County Animal Shelter, the feline's name was quickly changed to Princess Chunk once everyone realized the captain, was a girl.

The shelter is searching for the cat's owners, but so far, no one has come looking for the large cat. She's currently being kept at a "foster" home, and her foster mom, Deborah Wright, has taken to calling her Princess Chunky.

She's also trying to alter the cat's eating and exercise habits. Wright is feeding it wet and dry cat food, and developing an exercise routine for Princess Chunk, who is estimated to be around four-years-old.

Despite the media attention surrounding the large cat, no one has come forward to claim her. After seven days, Princess Chunk will go up for adoption, and it's likely, she'll be snatched up fast.

The animal shelter has already received five or six adoption applications for the chunky cat, and the shelter says she will be adopted out, they do not euthanize unclaimed pets.

Whoever Princess Chunk goes home with, should be well awar that they could have a world record pet on their hands. Her 44 pounds is only two pounds shy of the 1987 Guinness World Record for overweight cats.

Image Source WPVI TV

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