Zimbio Interview: Qristyl Frazier of 'Project Runway'

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Designer Qristyl Frazier seemed resigned to her fate when when she was eliminated on last week's episode of Project Runway. Check out her choice words when asked about the drama with fellow contestant Epperson.

Zimbio: For this particular challenge, model choice ended up being really important.  Do you regret your choice of model?
The moment my first model in the first challenge got jacked from me, wasn’t cool or fair. Kayln and I were a team from the moment we were chosen (model and designer). However no regrets, I’ve worked with all sorts of clients.

Zimbio: The previous challenge had a lot of drama with Epperson, your teammate.  Do you feel that affected your performance on this challenge?
Rodney Epperson, Qristyl's teammate from the previous challenge.
Yes I became very upset and very emotional and I allowed it to affect me throughout the night. When the evening was over, if you look at my face during the next challenge you can still see I carried an emotional burden.  I didn’t come all that way to arrive at drama and all because it was obvious that the moment I selected Epperson, he felt I wasn’t good enough to work with him. My instincts were to work with Irena and I should have went with that but I knew that Epperson did not care for Johnny, whom I loved but felt that Epperson and I being older could be a good team.  I was wrong.

Zimbio: Did it bother you that two out of three of the “regular judges” (Michael Kors and Nina Garcia) were absent this round?  Do you try to tailor your designs to what you think the judges will like?
The main judges should have been more present but I also understand that this being the most popular and growing Project Runway season thus far - celebrity judges bring more excitement to the audience and cast.

Zimbio: Out of the four looks you created for the 

show, which one was your favorite?
I loved the red carpet look in the first challenge. I felt it was suited for LA.

Zimbio: What would be your dream challenge?
To have real Professional Plus Size Models but I call it “Plus Sexy Sized Models,” Size 16.

Zimbio: Will you stay in contact with any of your fellow designers?  Is there anyone whose work you really loved, or connected with?

Yes I stay in contact with majority of the cast.  This was a close group of designers.

Zimbio: What are you doing next?
I am working on showcasing my Fall 2010 Collection but I plan on being the first Designer to totally and truly showcase a real PLUS SEXY COLLECTION AT MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK.  I am working on sponsors. Know any that might be interested? There is great opportunity and it’s now or never. I hope to get in Target one day and maybe Saks will be interested in truly carrying an amazing collection that fully caters to the woman with curves.  But for now please let people know that they can contact and order from me at www.qristylfrazierdesigns.com.

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