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Queen Elizabeth II The Queen Hosts Reception To Mark The 800th Anniversary Of Magna Carta
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Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II Reopens Canada House
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Queen Elizabeth II Picture Queen Elizabeth II Picture Queen Elizabeth II Picture
Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II Reopens Canada House — Part 2
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Queen Elizabeth II Picture Queen Elizabeth II Picture Queen Elizabeth II Picture
November 1947 - Present
The future Queen met the future Prince when she was just 13 years old and they began exchanging romantic letters...

Netflix Finds Its Young Queen Elizabeth II

By Hayley Igarashi on
No word yet on which dog actors will nab the coveted corgi roles. Read Full Story

Sorry, the Queen of England Will Not Be Ruling Westeros

By Jill Slattery on
(Getty)Queen Elizabeth II already has a comfy throne of her very own, but could she be lusting after a new gig ruling the Seven Kingdoms?The Queen and husband Prince Philip paid a visit to the Game of Thrones set in Belfast, Ireland, where they met with various cast members and checked out costumes and props from the HBO series, including the infamous Iron Throne. A photo of Queen Elizabeth sitting on the Iron Throne would surely have been the GREATEST PHOTO IN THE HISTORY OF PHOTOS (even...Read Full Story

The 5 Best Celebrity Cameos in Olympic History

By Adam Wenger on
From left: David Beckham, Queen Elizabeth II, and Stephen Colbert. (Getty Images)David Beckham is a world famous soccer player who loves admiring half naked statues of himself and marrying former Spice Girls. But as he proved during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, he also enjoys racing speedboats through polluted rivers while wearing way too much hair gel. The British star's elaborate entrance was one of the most memorable highlights of the evening. That said, he's not the...Read Full Story

Queen Elizabeth in Mustard Yellow at Royal Wedding (Pictures)

By Lauren Gerber on
If only Queen Elizabeth actually talked in public, we like to envision what she'd say. Maybe at the royal wedding it'd be something about her newfound arch nemesis, ketchup. Seriously. She looks like a picnic bottle of mustard. The Queen was the benefactor of some of the wedding's big moments. She loaned Kate a 1936 Cartier diamond tiara, simple and delicate, that she opted for rather than flowers as she'd been rumored to be wearing. She also officially gave Kate the title of HRH the Duchess...Read Full Story

Who Wore Angela Kelly Better?

By John Newlin on
Some have noticed that Queen Elizabeth's costume borrows its inspiration from a certain 1994 Jim Carey movie.We have to admit, the single crepe wool primrose number by Angela Kelly is just lovely. And, of course, the hat pulls the outfit together. Queen Elizabeth chose a diamond brooch and a pearl necklace to polish the look. Jim Carey complementary silk pocket square / tie combo. Both look stunning, but who was more "smuuuoookin'?"Read Full Story
Who's the most charming royal?
Submitted to Queen Elizabeth II
Kate Middleton
Who wore it better?
Submitted to Queen Elizabeth II
Jim Carrey
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