Best New Music Recommendations Based on Artists You Already Love: Emotistyle, James Vincent McMorrow, and More

By Alicia Dennis on
(YouTube) We've got a lot going on in the latest installment of best new music — Trash pop! Parody! Ewoks! — but, as always, we've offered helpful comparisons to aid you in your voyage of musical discovery. Here's the latest and greatest new music, serious and not. Beyonce + Reality = EmotistyleComedy duo Emotistyle went sans makeup in their latest video, which tackles an issue that affects us all — except for Beyoncé, of course. "Morning Face" gets it right. Tell 'em to run and tell that...Read Full Story

The Best Music Videos Starring Cats

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(YouTube)For some reason neither Katy Perry nor Taylor Swift has gotten around to making a cat-themed music video, but thankfully there have been plenty of other artists holding it down for the kitties on MTV and, of course, the Internets. Like, for example..."Natural Thing," Nobody Beats the DrumAll you need for a decent music video is a handful of cats, a couple of dogs, a ferret, and a laser. Seriously. That's it."Red Lights," Holy F**kSomeone in Holy F**k wanted to pay homage to Toonces...Read Full Story

Radiohead Surprise Concert, US Tour Dates

By Adam Wenger on
Most Radiohead fans who tried in earnest this morning to purchase tickets to two of the band's unexpected NYC shows, were left furious after seeing the entire lot sell out instantly. Taking to Twitter to vent their frustration with Ticketmaster -- the site where tickets were exclusively sold -- dissapointed fans found solace in their solidarity. But we aren't here to describe the myriad reasons why Ticketmaster has let down music fans over the years. No, we're here to talk about Radiohead and...Read Full Story

Celebrity Playlist: Kristen Stewart's Favorite Songs

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Kristen Stewart has said that the music she listens to on a project influences her work on set, telling SPIN in 2009, "I think about it quite a bit when I'm working."So what's Kristen listening to, then?Though Stewart has a demonstrated love of vintage band tees and hoodies, she's been sticking to more contemporary artists of late. At least that was the case at South by Southwest when she told USA Today, "I listen to The Shins and Radiohead and Interpol. And we saw Band of Horses last night...Read Full Story

Best Radiohead Songs

By Charlotte Brittan on
Here is a list of the Best Radiohead Songs: "Just" (from The Bends) – 3:54 "Paranoid Android" (from OK Computer) – 6:27 "Karma Police" (from OK Computer) – 4:24 "Creep" (from Pablo Honey) – 3:57 "No Surprises" (from OK Computer) – 3:49 "High and Dry" (from The Bends) – 4:20 "My Iron Lung" (from The Bends) – 4:36 "There There" (from Hail to the Thief) – 5:23 "Lucky" (from OK Computer) – 4:20 "Fake Plastic Trees" (from The Bends) – 4:52 "Idioteque" (originally from Kid A) – 5:09 "2 + 2 = 5...Read Full Story