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Rahm Emanuel Annual U.S. Conference Of Mayors Held In D.C.
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Rahm Emanuel Picture Rahm Emanuel Picture Rahm Emanuel Picture
Rahm Emanuel The Kennedy Forum Hosts National Summit on Mental Health Equity and Justice in Chicago With Michael Phelps and David Axelrod
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Rahm Emanuel Vegas Golden Knights v Chicago Blackhawks
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Rahm Emanuel's Machiavellian Attack on the GOP

By JJ Duncan on
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel went on Face the Nation Sunday morning and within 24 hours created a new, raging debate about the ideals at the core of the Republican party.Now he's watching the GOP tear itself apart and all it took was a one-minute sound bite on CBS.In an interview with Bob Schieffer, Emanuel asserted that Rush Limbaugh was "the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican party." Not former presidential candidate John McCain. Not his former...Read Full Story

Video of Barack Obama's Roast of Rahm Emanuel in 2005

By JJ Duncan on
In 2005, Barack Obama took on his future Chief of Staff at a roast.I like how subdued congressional roasts are compared to the Friars Club stuff. No one wants to say anything that could come back and haunt them in the form of a sound bite. It makes for some extraordinarily civil insults.HighlightsRiffing on Rahm's half-missing middle finger.Rahm's amended Ten CommandmentsThe Emanuel brothersRead Full Story

Wonkette Asks: Which Emanuel Brother are You?

By JJ Duncan on
Pictured L to R: Rahm, Ari and Ezekiel EmanuelFile this under: "Why didn't I think of that?"Over on Wonkette, there's a great little quiz that asks which Emanuel brother are you? Based on your answers, you can be the bullying Hollywood agent Ari, the super-genius Ezekiel or the political rockstar Rahm.I kind of got mixed results with mine, but I lean toward Rahm. But more fun than the quiz are all the great links it takes you to.Check out this excerpt and see the rest at Wonkette If you’re...Read Full Story

Barack Obama's Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel?

By Jake on
(Getty Images) According to multiple reports, members of Barack Obama's campaign have approached Democratic House member Rahm Emanuel about the possibility of serving as the Chief of Staff for an Obama administration.Emanuel is well-known for being a bit of a bruiser within Democratic circles, as well as being widely recognized as one of the key reasons the Dems were able to retake the House and Senate in the 2006 elections. Under his guidance, for the first time in the history, no Republican...Read Full Story
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