Raymond Clark III Facebook Pictures

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Yale lab technician Raymond Clark III is the prime suspect in the Annie Lee murder investigation. He is considered a "person of interest" and was arrested by police on September 17th, 2009.Ray Clark’s Facebook profile included photos of Clark with his girlfriend and fiancée Jennifer Hromadka until very recently, when his settings were changed to private viewing only.  Several blogs and community forums have reposted the photos from caches.Clark worked with Annie Lee in the same building where...Read Full Story

Jennifer Hromadka Wedding Website as Evidence

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Jennifer Hromadka is the girlfriend and fiancee of suspected murderer, Raymond Clark III. Raymond was arrested in connection with the Annie Le murder case.  Raymond Clark is an animal technician at a Yale labratory near where Annie Le worked and also where her body was ultimately found by authorities.  Clark has been named a 'person of interest' by police in her murder investigation. Police discovered Le's remains in the basement wall of the Yale University lab building where both she and Ray...Read Full Story

Raymond Clark, Yale Lab Tech, Named Person of Interest in Annie Le Murder

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Raymond Clark, an animal technician at the Yale lab near where Annie Le worked and where her body was found, has been named a person of interest by police in her murder. He is also known as Ray Clark, and goes by "Ray Ray" with friends and family. According to reports, Clark had already taken and failed a lie detector test, and had defensive wounds on him chest. His home is under surveillance by police, and his apartment manager says Clark hasn't been home since Thursday.Police are now...Read Full Story