Rhoni Reuter's Accused Murderer Still Awaiting Trial

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Rhoni Reuter was dating a former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle when she was murdered in October of 2007. The case was the focus of much media scrutiny in Chicago, though the case remained open until police arrested Marni Yang, 41, of Chicago.Yang has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.From an article at ESPN: A woman pleaded not guilty Wednesday to fatally shooting the pregnant girlfriend of former Chicago Bears Pro-Bowl safety Shaun Gayle.Marni Yang, 41, of Chicago, is charged with nine...Read Full Story

Rhoni Reuter funeral, and deceased baby's name

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At Rhoni Reuter's funeral at the St. Thomas Catholic Church in Potosi, Wisconsin, Rhoni was described as Shaun Gayle's "partner in life".  Shaun Gayle is a former Chicago Bears athlete. Reuter's unborn baby also died.  The child was expected in December, and was named Skylar Reyne Reuter-Gayle according to the obituary notice.Click here for breaking news about the Rhoni Reuter investigation .  Police are still searching for the suspect.Read Full Story

Statement from Rhoni Reuter's Family

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Rhoni Reuter's family issued a statement to the press:"We ... would like to express our deep appreciation for the thoughts and prayers and comfort of friends and sympathetic strangers who have been moved by the tragedy suffered by our family in the senseless loss of Rhoni and her child."Read Full Story