Breaking Down 'Breaking Bad' - "Ozymandias"

By Joe Robberson on
(AMC)1. The prologue of "Ozymandias" takes us back to the beginning. Walt's in his tighty whities and Jesse doesn't think twice about smoking in a meth lab. Ah, how far we've come! While this little prologue reminds us how cyclical Breaking Bad is (apt considering this episode was directed by Looper genius Rian Johnson), what it's really doing is showing us Walter White the liar. Still human in the prologue, he makes a phone call to Skyler and actually rehearses what he's going to say. He...Read Full Story

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Interview: 'Looper,' Studying Bruce Willis, and How He Quit Acting at 19

By Joe Robberson on
(TriStar | Getty Images) As one of the best and most popular young actors in the world, Joseph Gordon-Levitt can seemingly do no wrong. He's already had a year most actors would kill for, starring in the billion dollar blockbuster Dark Knight Rises and the stunt-heavy Premium Rush. But, he's just getting warmed up. In November, Levitt will appear as Abraham Lincoln's son in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln and this month, he rules the fantastic sci-fi thriller Looper, alongside Bruce Willis...Read Full Story