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Richard Heene "Balloon Boy" Parents Plead Guilty To Hoax
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Richard Heene Picture Richard Heene Picture Richard Heene Picture
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Mayumi Heene, David Lane 
Richard Heene Police Accuse Parents Of "Balloon Boy" Of Perpetrating Hoax
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Richard Heene Picture
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Mayumi Heene, Ryo Heene, Falcon Heene 
Richard Heene Boy Feared Aloft In Balloon Found Safely At Home
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Balloon Boy Pukes, World Suspects Hoax

By Livingly Staff on
Falcon Henne will be known as 'Balloon Boy' for as long as he lives.  Henne is the six year old boy who we all feared for yesterday.  Today we're fearing for a different reason.The Henne family called the FAA and 911 yesterday when their homemade hot air balloon 'accidentally' drifted away.  The family told authorities that their six year old son Falcon was likely in the basket of the balloon.  News organizations from around the world chased the silver space-ship-shaped balloon for 50 milee...Read Full Story

Falcon Heene Found Hiding, Was Never In Crashed Balloon Craft

By JJ Duncan on
Falcon Heene is probably in some pretty deep trouble. The 6-year-old thought to be aboard a hot air balloon filmed flying through the sky in northern Colorado before it crash landed Thursday was on the ground the whole time. Falcon was found hiding in a cardboard box in the attic of his family's home in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Denver Post reports. "He's been located! He's alive! He's at the house," Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said. "Apparently, he's been there the whole time...Read Full Story

Richard Heene Photos and Bio

By JJ Duncan on
Richard Heene (From his MySpace.com profile)Richard Heene is the father of Falcon Heene, the 6-year-old who floated away in a hot air balloon that Richard build on Oct. 15, 2009. Richard Heene was previously known for the daredevil tactics he employs when researching tornadoes and other storm-related phenomena. Heene, a featured team member of the Psyience Detectives (thesciencedetective.com) is seen riding a small motorcycle into a dust devil in one video for the purpose of recording...Read Full Story

Picture of Richard Heene, Falcon Heene, and Family

By Jake on
Richard Heene is the amatuer scientist who built a hot air balloon in his backyard. His son Falcon Heene subsequently climbed into the balloon, untethered the rope, and floated away into the sky.You can see the family from their time on Wife Swap. The family is wife Mayumi Heene, husband Richard Heene, and their three children, Bradford Heene, Ryo Heene, and Falcon Heene. According to the show synposis at ABC, the Heene's are a risk taking family. From the show summary: "The Heene family from...Read Full Story