Here's How Morrissey Rickrolled David Bowie

That headline requires a lot of a reader, but if you've clicked into this story you presumably know what Rickrolling is, and that Morrissey doesn't give a fig about choosing his battles wisely. So let's dive in.

On April 8, EMI will be releasing a reissue of Morrissey's 1991 solo album, Kill Uncle along with a reissue of the 1989 single for "The Last of the Famous International Playboys." Here's the original cover art for that single:

Instead of using that art for the reissued single, Morrissey wanted to use a previously unpublished photo of him and David Bowie from 1992. Unfortunately this was not to be. For whatever reason (most feasibly because Bowie does not appear on the song and it might be confusing for fans), David Bowie requested that EMI UK not use the photo. And since a good chunk of Bowie's very profitable back catalog is on EMI UK, people tend to listen to him over there.

Presumably depressed (because he's Morrissey) Morrissey had to find another photo to use for the single. So he dug up a picture of himself with "Never Gonna Give You Up" singer Rick Astley from 1989, and he had new art for the single.

So there you have it. Morrissey has replaced David Bowie with Rick Astley, effectively Rickrolling David Bowie. What a prankster!

And now that it's in your head anyway, you might as well listen to it...
[h/t to Pitchfork]
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