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Riff Raff 2017 Hangout Music Festival - Day 3
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Riff Raff Arrivals at the MTV Video Music Awards
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Riff Raff MTV Video Music Awards Show
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Who Wore It Better? Katy Perry & Riff Raff vs. Britney & Justin

By JJ Duncan on
A contest 13 years in the making.Read Full Story

You'll Never Guess Which Rapper Wants Another Chance with Katy Perry

By Deena Bustillo on
InstagramToday in juicy Hollywood gossip: A certain tattooed rapper wants to take Katy Perry out on a date, a Bachelorette couple is having a baby, Chris Hemsworth shares a shot of his twins, and more...Riff Raff Romance?Katy Perry's been smitten with Russell Brand and John Mayer, and apparently she went on a date with another long-haired famous dude recently. Believe it or not, that dude is Riff Raff. You know — the guy with corn-rows who inspired James Franco's roll in Spring Breakers...Read Full Story

New Music Videos: David Bowie, RiFF RAFF, Eureka the Butcher, and More

By Alicia Dennis on
Today's new music video offerings range from the surprisingly simple (David Bowie's "Valentine's Day") to the unexpectedly violent (Eureka the Butcher's "Desert Rituals). Enjoy.David Bowie, "Valentine's Day"Living legend David Bowie decided to take a break from courting controversy for once, offering his most straightforward music video in a long while with the Indrani and Markus Klinko-directed clip for "Valentine's Day," which has him singing and strumming and showing off his fancy colored...Read Full Story

A Bunch of Celebrities Band Together to Convince the World MySpace Is Cool

By Alicia Dennis on
The powers that be at MySpace are doing everything they can to convince you that the once-dopey social networking site is now the coolest place on the Internet. And there's nothing cooler than a party on a bare white soundstage, right? With celebrities, of course. Pharrell, Mac Miller, Erin Wasson, Sky Ferreira, Iggy Azalea, RiFF RaFF, Ciara, Charli XCX, and Zedd are just a few of the famous faces that show up in the nonsensical clip, which has no real point other than, you know, coolness...Read Full Story

WATCH: Ke$ha Talks About Stealing Her 'Crazy Kids' Cornrows from Riff Raff

By Lani Conway on
Ke$sha gets pretty wild style wise in her latest video for "Crazy Kids." There's the bling, the gold chains, and, oh, those epic cornrows. In a new interview with MTV News, the pop singer reveals the inspiration for her wild style and it seems like she was subconsciously channeling rapper Riff Raff's gansta ways. She's definitely not the first to do so.Read Full Story