Rihanna Allegedly Tweets Apology Over Chris Brown Incident

(FlyNet Pictures)

Rihanna (PCN) Earlier this year, pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna made headlines after they quietly started following each other on Twitter. Rihanna was quick to defend her online actions, writing "It's f**ckin twitter, not the altar!" to an incensed fan.

Now some Team Breezy fans claim that Rihanna has admitted to "provoking" her former boyfriend in a Tweet. An image that looks like a post reading, "I admit, I provoked Chris to hit me. I't was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY" spread like wildfire on Wednesday.

But if Rihanna did in fact tweet a so-called confession, it was deleted from her timeline before fans even got the chance to retweet it. With nearly 6 million followers, Rihanna could not have managed to let her words slip under the radar — especially not when dealing with such a sensitive subject.

The probably fake tweet comes at an interesting time: Tabloid reports have Rihanna and Chris Brown reconnecting on the down low. To add fuel to the speculative fires, Chris Brown tweeted Rihanna about a photo he'd sent her last week, which he promptly deleted.

What do you think — could the "confession" be real?

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