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Rob Huebel The Cast Of The Amazon Prime Series 'Transparent' Attends A Screening Event For Members Of The Screen Actors Guild In New York
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Rob Huebel 19th Annual Broadway Barks!
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Rob Huebel The Cinema Society Hosts a Screening of "Baywatch" - After Party
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'Hell Baby' Trailer: A Haunted House Full of Laughs (Hopefully)

By Darrick Thomas on
It seems like every year we get at least a few horror movies about things that are haunted — most frequently houses, but, hey, even video tapes can come possessed nowadays (see: here and here). With the genre thriving, it's fertile ground for parody. The Scary Movie people realized this back in 2000, but failed to turn the franchise into anything worthy of a light chuckle. Now the opportunity rests in the capable hands of the guys who created/starred in Reno 911.With Hell Baby, Thomas Lennon...Read Full Story