Rodney Alcala Death Penalty

By Deena Bustillo on
Rodney Alcala, a convicted serial killer and former Dating Game contestant, was sentenced to death today, according to CNN. The 66-year-old was convicted of murder, kidnapping, and rape last month in the deaths of 5 women in LA County in the '70s. The victims were Robin Samsoe, Jill Parenteau, Jill Barcomb, Charlotte Lamb, and Georgia Wixted. A box of more than 100 photographs, mostly of women, were found in a storage unit Alcala kept in Seattle and police have released the images...Read Full Story

Rodney Alcala's Photos Released

By Deena Bustillo on
Rodney Alcala, convicted serial killer and former The Dating Game contestant, housed more than a hundred photos of unidentified women and children in a storage unit, according to CNN. Now, police have released the photos in hopes of possibly solving some cold cases. It is unclear if the photos of the women were victims of the 66-year-old killer, and authorities are trying to figure that out. Alcala was convicted of murdering four women and a child in the late '70s, and was recommended...Read Full Story

Rodney Alcala: Convicted Serial Killer Won 'Dating Game'

By Deena Bustillo on
Rodney Alcala was the winning contestant on the popular TV show The Dating Game in 1978, then before the decade closed, he was responsible for the murder of 4 women and a child, according to CNN. The 66-year-old was just found guilty in February of the crimes and is acting as his own attorney now, hoping the jury will not sentence him to death in Santa Ana, Calif. When he was on the game show decades ago, he was introduced as such: "Bachelor No. 1 is a successful photographer who got his...Read Full Story
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