Rupert Everett: Jennifer Aniston Movies are 'Tasteless' and 'Total Flops'

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Wow. Rupert Everett has apparently decided to not hold anything back, giving a frank interview to the BBC 4 today in which he said Jennifer Aniston's movie career was baffling and "tasteless."Everett, 51, was making a larger point that Hollywood tends to stick with certain so-called "A-list" start, despite underperforming at the box office, and used Aniston to illustrate his point."If you look and analyze the careers of many, many stars, you'll find that they're mostly sustained by the...Read Full Story

Rupert Everett: I'll Never Get Married

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Marriage may be for some, but Rupert Everett says he's not one of them. The openly gay actor says he's not planning on settling down with one person as he has a constant fear of missing out.Asked if he would marry, he said: "No. There's something missing in me, both gay and straight -- I don't want to be in too close contact with anyone."A night in with someone is one thing, but I soon want to get out. I think I was always, from when I was a kid, worried that something else might be happening...Read Full Story

Rupert Everett Disses Michael Jackson, President Bush, Gwyneth Paltrow in New Interview

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Actor Rupert Everett, who famously starred with Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, gave an interview to the UK's Mirror yesterday, presumably because he's appearing in a documentary about Lord Byron next week. However, Everett spent much less time talking about his new project than he did slamming some huge names in pop culture with particularly scathing remarks. On Michael Jackson: He was a freak. He looked like a character from Shrek. He was a black to white minstrel. He was...Read Full Story