Ryan Lochte's Biggest Fan Was Too Big for Him to Handle

(Getty)Celebrities often get a bad rap for being standoffish with random fans on the street, but Ryan Lochte's recent run-in with an overzealous supporter proves why it's smart to proceed with caution when it comes to fan interaction.

In a freak accident, one of Lochte's enthusiastic female admirers spotted the Olympian and attempted to jump into his arms, only to literally break the multi-time gold medal winner. In a statement, a spokesperson for Lochte revealed the swimmer blew out his knee after failing to catch the woman and falling on a sidewalk curb: "As a result of a freak injury caused by an unexpected fan encounter, Ryan has suffered a torn MCL and an ACL sprain and will be taking a break from training and competition.”

“His medical team expects him to make a full and speedy recovery and Ryan thanks everyone for their well wishes,” added Lochte's rep.

He's going to have some serious issues during Team USA's trust fall exercise.
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