How to Be a Scene Kid

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How to Be a Scene Kid from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit We've all seen the typical scene kids; The boys and girls at music shows with the skinny jeans and oversized sunglasses. If you would like to learn how to look like this crowd, read on! How to be a scene kid Work on your self-confidence. No matter where you are, people will criticise you. There will always be someone who doesn't like you; it's impossible to please everyone. You need to know that you're pretty and learn...Read Full Story

How to Find Awesome Scene Music

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How to Find Awesome Music for Scene Kids from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit If you've just gotten into the whole Scene Kid thing, you may be struggling a little with the music. You might not be able to find any good bands, or you're not sure which genres to listen to - and you don't know exactly what Scene kids listen to. Well; if you're confused about the music and need some help, then don't sweat - just read this article! Steps Pick a music genre. If you only know one or...Read Full Story

Pink Scene Hair Styles!!!

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via Photobucket I've always wanted pink hair, but I'm pretty sure I can't pull it off. My sister rocked a streaked-pink style when she was my age, and a woman in a store in New Delhi told her she looked like a strawberry ice cream cone. Whatever. My favorite scene hairstyles come in pink. Cotton candy scene, magenta scene, whatever--it all looks great. These scene kids, who posted their photos on the Scene Kids Photobucket community, all look fabulous in shades of pink, though. I often wish...Read Full Story

Male Scene Hairstyles

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It's really not hard to get a sweet male scene hairstyle. By popular request, I've compiled some of the most helpful youtube videos on the subject, and added a few helpful tips and tricks.According to the kids at EmoworldTV, these are some of the hottest male scene hairstyles on the streets:Notice any patterns?All the guys in this video have medium-length long hair. If you want a nice scene style cut, you're going to need something to work with. Grow your hair out, and make sure to start...Read Full Story

Scene Hairstyles: The New Emo Frontier

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Don't Miss: Male Scene Hairstyles Pink Scene Hairstyles Scene Hairstyle Ideas from Harajuku I don't know all that much about Scene Kids, but I can also bet there's some contingent out there that would be furious to be labeled Emo.  Maybe I'm making some terrible Scene mistake by grouping the two concepts, but to those of us nearing a quarter-life crisis Emo Hairstyles and Scene Hairstyles are essentially the same thing.  I just seem to like the Scene Hairstyles a lot more.Image from...Read Full Story
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