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Scott Mills Gevalia Iced Coffee with Almond Milk at Rachael Ray's Feedback House
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Scott Mills Arrivals at the BRIT Awards
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Scott Mills 'Strictly Come Dancing' Live Tour Photo Tour
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Q. When was Scott Mills born?
Scott was born on the 28th March 1974 and was born in Southampton, England.


Q. Does Scott Mills have a girlfriend?
No, he doesn't. Which leads us on to the next question...


Q. Is Scott Mills gay?
Yes, the rumours you heard are probably true. Scott 'came out' in April 2001 to The Guardian newspaper. In this article he says it was better to manage it than be forced by tabloid hounding. "It's not a secret at all, and I've always felt comfortable with it. But that's all people need to know really," he told the newspaper. Scott's 'comfortable' with his sexuality, and you'll often hear him making jokes about it on the air.


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Scott Mills jingles

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I found out some info about the jingles used on the Scott Mills radio show on BBC 1.The jingles are created by Music4, the same shop that produced the Chris Moyles jingles, and also Wise Buddah. Sometimes Radio 1 creates their own jingles too. Usually the jingles and tunes aren't available for download, but from time to time you can find them on the Music 4 website.Read Full Story
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