This is basically what Hugh Jackman would look like in the "Darkest Timeline."
The new images give us a much better idea of how the 2015 movie will look.
The 'Dark Knight' filmmaker brought us Christian Bale in the role, but is excited to see what Ben Affleck does with it.
A movie about a young Aunt May? Dr. Doom as a blogger with the handle "Doom"? Uh-oh.
The last installment of the Fast & Furious franchise promises to be a wild ride for your emotions.
The new clip dropped during Tuesday night's episode of 'Agent's of SHIELD.'
Here's what we learned from the studio's epic Hollywood event on Tuesday.
He reportedly won the role over Jared Leto and Tom Hardy.
This new featurette is making us very excited for the biggest musical of the year.
Apparently, 'Into the Woods' is really a Tex Avery cartoon.
With Disney's 56th animated feature set to hit theaters in November 2016, be prepared for #MoanaMania.
An extra on the movie leaked the information from the Michigan set where the movie's been filming.
The three would star in 'Suicide Squad,' the first movie slated to follow 'Batman v Superman.'
He broke the news by tweeting an adorably excited video Wednesday.
Check out the full slate and vote on your favorite inside!
Iron Man will likely be fighting Cap in a story that will begin Marvel's "Civil War."
Dave Bautista, aka Drax the Destroyer, will reportedly play evil henchman Hinx in the next Bond film.
Concept art from the early stages of the movie's production was posted online Thursday.
We'll have to keep waiting for the return of David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King.
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