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Shaun Toub AT&T Hello Lab Celebrates Its Second Year Of The Mentorship Program, With Lena Waithe And Taika Waititi
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Shaun Toub Pilot Pen & GBK Celebration Lounge - Day 1
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Shaun Toub Los Angeles Global Premiere For Marvel Studios' Ant-Man And The Wasp"
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7 Questions with Robert Downey Jr.

By Tatiana Guertin on
The concept of having endless resources and an uncontrollable obsession isn’t exactly totally lost on Robert Downey Jr. This may explain his ability to adapt to his new role as Tony Stark, the mega billionaire turned iron-clad protector of the free world, in Iron Man. What might have been more difficult to adjust to was the role of box office super hero. Downey, known for playing artsy obscure roles, chats with Fred Topel about selling out, peeing in the Iron Man suit and more. Zimbio: With...Read Full Story