Shawn King Was Actress Shawn Southwick Before She Married Larry King

By Charlotte Brittan on
Before Shawn King was known as the country singer married to CNN talk show host Larry King, she was actress Shawn Southwick, and she had an illustrious career playing the quintessential hot '80s lady on a slew of hit crime-fighter dramas. Taking a look at Shawn King's listing on, it's obvious she had a very entertaining run in the '80s. Knight Rider, Remington Steele, and The A-Team?! Pure awesomeness. If there was a Lifetime Emmy Award for playing hot ladies in the background of...Read Full Story

Shawn King and Son Shopping

By Jake on
Shawn King (also known as Shawn Southwick) may be about to divorce Larry King, but she's all smiles as she and her son Chance stop by a Rite Aid in Los Angeles. The soon-to-be single woman looks sporty and happy.Shawn and Larry have been photographed even after their seperation together, as both attend their child's baseball games. It's still unclear why exactly the marriage ended, though there have been plenty of rumors on both side. Here, thought, Shawn and her son seem just happy to be...Read Full Story