Shawn Kovell, guilty but small time

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There is only limited information about Shawn Kovell on the web, but from what we've been able to drum up it seems like Kovell just got herself involved with the wrong crowd - and in particular the wrong guy.Otherwise she seems like a typical petty crime drug dealer who wouldn't be getting national press attention (or higher than average bail) if it weren't for the fact that she was dating the "Preppy Killer"That said, it is hard to feel bad for Kovell.  She got caught red handed by...Read Full Story

Shawn Kovell's lawyer asks for low bail

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Shawn Kovell's lawyer Franklin A. Rothman asked the judge that Kovell be released on her own recognizance or $5,000 bail. The lawyer said; "Because she is the girlfriend of Robert Chambers the price of bail goes up ... and that she is a bail risk is absurd." "She has no prior contact with the criminal court system," Rothman said. "She was born and raised in the 57th Street apartment. Worked as a bartender. Under normal circumstances she would be released or have bail at $5,000 with medical...Read Full Story

Shawn Kovell busted by undercover cops

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The cocaine charges against Shawn Kovell and her "Preppy Killer" boyfriend are going to be difficult to beat.  Turns out the the cops had an undercover sting running on the sketchy couple...  Undercover officers allegedly purchased a little more than a half pound of cocaine from Chambers and Kovell.  Half a pound is A LOT of cocaine.Read Full Story

Quote about Shawn Kovell's boyfriend

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“That he’s gotten to the point of selling cocaine is not surprising to any of us who worked on the case,” said Linda A. Fairstein, who prosecuted Mr. Chambers in his murder trial. “But it is shocking in light of the opportunities that he was given to get away from his drug problems.”Too bad that Shawn Kovell has gotten mixed up with this guy!Read Full Story
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