Gene Simmons' Family Dishes About Their New HSN Collection

Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed-Simmons, and Sophie Simmons at the Savages LA premiere (Bauer Griffin).
Gene Simmons, bassist and vocalist of rock band Kiss, showed America his soft side on the A&E reality show Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. Now, wife Shannon Tweed-Simmons and daughter Sophie Simmons are keeping the family ties tight—the mother-daughter duo is launching "Shannon and Sophie's Jewel Box," an exclusive apparel and accessories collection, on HSN tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

Prior to her relationship with Gene, Shannon was known as Playboy's "1982 Playmate of the Year" and starred in a few softcore films. Daughter Sophie has been busy at school, and was also recently spotted auditioning for X-Factor.

Shannon and Sophie's HSN line mostly comprises accessories, save one dress that the two of them boast can be worn anywhere, anytime. The items are priced between $24 and $99.

We sat down with the lovable pair to talk their mother-daughter relationship, personal style, and design experience.

Shannon and Sophie Simmons modelling their collection's apparel. (courtesy of HSN)Stylebistro: How did this project come together? How did you start working with HSN?

Shannon: During our TV series, when we needed a wardrobe change, we decided to share our wardrobe. We found out that when Sophie borrowed my clothes, we'd wear the pieces in completely different ways. We started getting calls and emails from people about how we were wearing the same thing—and not in a bad way. So we thought we should do a line that could represent both mother and daughter—especially how we wear the same clothes in different ways and make them look completely different.

Stylebistro: How would you describe your personal style?

Sophie: Slightly rocker, slightly athletic, and also a little girly at times.

Shannon: Sophie's totally fresh and young. She's so unexpected. When she dresses, when she wears things—I would have never guessed to put things like that. That's why you have daughters. My style, was, like, tired—and sometimes she saves me. Ordinarily I am pretty traditional, Sophie's rocked me out a little bit, she's made me modern. She said, "You know mom, fix it up a little, but don't tramp it up."

From left to right: Sophie & Shannon's Jewel Box Silvertone 5-Station 17" Drop Necklace, $70. Sophie & Shannon's Jewel Box 29-1/2" Bead Link Wing Tassel Necklace, $50. (courtesy of HSN)Stylebistro: What do you think of each other's style?

Sophie: We really do draw inspiration from each other and evolve our style based on what the other wears. She has all the sweet vintage stuff and we blend it together to make a nice balance.

Stylebistro: Walk me through the design process.

Shannon: We started with the one dress (above). Instead of doing a clothing line off-the-bat we wanted to show how to accessorize the same dress in different ways. We pulled all the accessories and jewelry we like to wear the most, and tweaked all the things we liked [and didn't like]. Like, "Here's our favorite stuff and here's how we'd like it."

From left to right: Sophie & Shannon's Jewel Box Goldtone Large Link 22-1/4" Heart Necklace, $100. Sophie & Shannon's Jewel Box Faceted Bead 58" Dangle Necklace, $80.  (courtesy of HSN)Stylebistro: Did you guys ever fight during the design process?

Shannon: The only thing we'd fight about is "Where is that belt, I want to wear it!"

Stylebistro: What type of woman do you imagine wearing your clothes?

Sophie: It could be anyone from 19 to 60—even higher. It's for everyone, because everything can be worn more than one way.

Sophie and Shannon's Jewel Box Suede Tie Fringe Belt, $28. Sophie & Shannon's Jewel Box Set of Five Bangle Bracelets with Removable Charms, $100. (courtesy of HSN) Stylebistro: What is your favorite piece in the collection?

Shannon: I'm partial to the dress and the crystal beads.

Sophie: The cross body bag and fringe belt (above).

Stylebistro: Talk to me more about the idea that mothers and daughters can share clothes.

Shannon: On our show we don't have a wardrobe budget, and we don't have Kardashian sponsors. We don't have hair people waiting around, and we don't have stylists. Normal people don't have stylists. We're just trying to figure out for ourselves how to put things together. We work together, Sophie and I. I look at her, because she's young and fresh.